A platform to enhance your promotional posters and connect you with artists.

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Create  a Digital Flyer

You know the drill, if you want folks to come to your show – you post on social media and go around town to hang posters. With Sound Check Us you can enhance your posters with relevant, mobile-friendly content to entice new fans.

Build  a QR Portal

Your QR portal puts music right in your fan's hands. Connect your Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Reverb Nation, or Myspace Music profiles to engage new fans and get more plays.

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Connect  with Artists

Form connections with artists you play with. Explore and discover other artists in your network, and give your fans the opportunity to discover you from our interactive band network.

Enhance  your posters.

You see QR tags everywhere. Here at soundcheckus we scan every one we can find and we've found they're often unusable. QR usage is growing every year, and performing acts can benefit from the quick way these tags put content in the hands of your audience. Give your audience an optimized QR portal to tailored and relevant content about you and your next show.


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Connect  with artists.

Developing your network is directly connected to success in the music community. At Soundcheckus we want to help you develop, keep track and utilize the network you create. Our network is a virtual nebula that you can navigate through and find other bands playing shows and making new connections — as each artists’ network grows, your connected network grows.

Streamline  your campaigns.

If you're a manager, then soundcheckus can support multiple campaigns, customized portals, and provide data about the effectiveness of your street campaigns. Build a digital record of the shows you've put on and communicate with other artists in your network.